Content Management System

The CMS enables development of a complete dynamic website, where the entire data and the navigation can be controlled by the administrator. The system allows multiple administrators, with access control and rights control mechanism, with an approval system for data administration.

PROTECHBS is an expertise in web content management system, component content management system and Enterprise content management system. We create customized tools for our clients to modify their sites easily and effectively.


  • An easy to use GUI (Online Graphic User Interface) tool by a non-technical person
  • The administrator can control the Homepage content as well as the inner pages, along with the multiple levels of the navigation, using the web Content Management System.
  • A built-in 'Rich Text Editor' to control the text and image formatting, adapts the global CSS of the design.
  • Allows integration of audio-video files and Google fonts.
  • Supports AJAX & Jquery
  • Allows uploading of all types of desktop files like .jpeg, .png, .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, .pdf files.
  • Generate CSS 4 HTML, which is compliant with W3C standard.
  • The web Content Management System offers SEO friendly features, like adding 'alt tags', directory naming, file naming and adding meta-tags, general keywords and description.
  • Generates clean URLs for better indexing in the search engines.
  • Has a preview module and built-in approval process which can be customised as per the required workflow.
  • Protection from the SQL injection and cross-scripting attacks.