Enterprise Application Development

Automating your business process for increased efficiency and productivity. PROTECHBS offers Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Application development service to all industry verticals, streamlining every business processes to increase its efficiency and productivity.


PROTECHBS specializes in development of ERP software for small, mid-size and big companies. Our ERP development team has the right blend of technical skills, creativity along with sufficient business process exposure to provide organizations with a flawless solution. With complete understanding about the complexity of the business processes we go about developing ERP software for our clients business with right approach. ERP Consultation: We invest a great amount of time and effort to clearly understand your business requirement. This is a very important process that decides the success of our venture. After a clear understanding, we work out the best cost-effective solution for your business.

ERP Customization: We can cleverly customize an existing platform to suit your business requirement.

ERP Implementation: We develop and deploy a flexible ERP solution tailor made for your business.

ERP Integration: We offer integration services for your ERP software with other supporting applications such as CRM, ecommerce etc.

Features of our ERP Solutions
  • User friendly – ease of use
  • Highly reliable
  • Highly secure
  • Customized based on the business needs
  • Automating complete Business process
  • Accurate real time data sharing across the entire organization
  • Continuous and Secured information flow between multiple departments.
With an ERP system, an organization can benefit in a number of ways
  • Improved quality and efficiency of business
  • Increased productivity and profits
  • Better customer service
  • Easy to monitor business processEasy information flow between various departments
  • Helps upper level management in critical decision making
  • Enhances the business both internally and externally
Enterprise Application Integration

Improve your business with seamless linking of varied applications, services, databases and legacy systems The multiple applications being used in the enterprise is unable to communicate with each other due to the diversity in the technology and standards.

Each application supports different operating system, database etc. Hence, the sharing of data between these systems becomes impossible leading to inefficiencies and redundant data. With large business organizations using multiple applications and technologies to streamline their business operations, the data and information involved is scattered throughout these application resources. A business today requires a smooth integration of such applications for an enhanced market potential.

PROTECHBS provides world-class Enterprise Application Integration services to companies world-wide. With an intelligent use of software and computer systems architectural principles we provide integration of varied set of enterprise computer applications.